Saturday, August 20, 2016

Oh, my heart.

There are times in your life as a parent that you shouldn't overthink. These are times you just need to whisper a "thank you" to Jesus and love and enjoy every minute of it because they don't come around all that often. That's the truth.

For me, those times happen when I get to watch my kids killing it at the one thing they love the most. For Mia, that's theater. And I will just be honest, for every perfect role that Mia gets, there are ten (or so) rejections. Theater is not an "every kid gets a trophy" kind of thing. And that's good for her.

But, man-oh-man, she rocked the whole Dorothy thing. She just did.

It's not a bad thing when your Uncle is a TV personality on a morning show:
 Her theater besties:
 Her cousin besties:
 The between shows dinner runs are so fun for me. Listening to these kiddos gab on and on about the show is hilarious:
 Three shows in one day requires multiple Walgreens candy runs (for me):
 Mis has a gift with children. Yet another way that we are completely different.
 She's the kid whisperer:
 And little girls totally dig her:
 Theater kids are strangely awesome.
I love the young woman that she is becoming and I pray she is blessed with a few more perfect moments in her sweet life. 
But, more importantly, I pray she continues to use the gifts that the Lord has given her to His glory. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I'm kind of over taking 900 pictures a day of my kids.

But, I will take one or two per month. 

So here ya go, kids. Your summer memories in a handful of pictures. I realize other moms would have documented each of these monumental events with individual photo books, but I'm not other moms. I'm just your run-of-the-mill mom who cares less and less about documenting your entire lives in great detail. You'll just have to use your brains to conjure up actual memories. So, really, I'm doing you a favor. You're welcome.

VBS/Cousin Camp. You told me both of these things were awesome and I'm taking your word for it.
 The Cavs won the National Championship. Bode, you went completely insane, running around ripping off your clothes and stuff. It was adorable.
Mia, you went to Camp JAM. When your counselor sent us this picture your father said, "Where's Mia?" and I was all, "She's that woman-child in the middle." And he was all, "OMG."
Then you did a service project with your Youth Group. That's right, I said Youth Group. I learned about all kinds of heathen activities in my own youth group so this new milestone terrifies me, but I'm going to be hovering around you and your friends like a hawk. I'm even willing to listen to your ridiculous music and act like I love it, I'm that serious.
And then there was Father's Day. Bode, during the obligatory Father's Day photo session you lovingly placed your hand right on your Father's cr0tch thus ruining the moment.  
 Oh well.
Sweet boy, you are learning lots of life lessons in basketball this summer. Most importantly is "Winning isn't everything." It's been humbling. 
 Because we are all amazing parents and want the absolute best for all of you, we decided that you needed to get the snot beat of you. So, we let, you, our tiny little 3rd graders whose combined weight is about a buck fifty, play 4th and 5th grade giants. We are all convinced it's making you better people.
 And speaking of making you better people, we have played these bludgeoning matches in all kinds of fun and interesting Oklahoma towns that you aren't quite mature enough to fully appreciate. Case in point:
And how can we forget Missions Sunday, Your Fathers third child. You two were champs giving away the money you didn't earn and waving your flags. I couldn't have been more proud.
 And finally, Wizard of OZ has taken over all of our lives. Mia, you are going to be dancing in ruby slippers that happen to have a one-inch heal, and you don't yet understand how miserable this is going to be. I think we all remember the devastating moment when we realized being a woman comes with injustices that men will never have to face. This, sweet child, will be your moment.
And perhaps the most important lesson you will learn all summer is this: Only in your dreams does the "yellow brick road" just appear out of nowhere. real life Dorothys have to (quite literally) make their own path.
And, Mia, you are doing just that.

Friday, June 17, 2016

My Life According To My Children

A Day in the Life of Summer Lashley, as told by her daughter in some sort of weird accent.
It seems I get sloppy drunk on coffee. If only it were really that strong....

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Camp life is the best life.

This year was the rainiest week of camp in history. The laundry was on a whole new level of disgusting. Take the general camp grime and add to that mildew and mud. It was a joy to clean. 
But there is no place my kids would rather be than at Inside Out Camp. It's where the jocks and the readers and the gamers and the bros and the nerds come together and play like it's 1950. They use things like sticks and rocks and their imaginations to entertain themselves for hours at a time.
They also eat every other hour. We are like a cruise ship - keep them full and nobody gets hurt.
 Mia was an official "Junior Counselor" this year so basically she was too cool to acknowledge my existence. The only time I ever saw her was in the cafeteria where she served up wonderful concoctions consisting mainly of carbs and sugar.
 Four-square was Bode's game of choice this year. He prefers to be involved in activities where he can be the best and dominate all other participants.
Mia decided to wear a bright yellow trucker hat every single day of camp. Since coming home she has continued wearing it and has refused to wash it. She insists that every dirt stain represents a memory from camp.  I insist she keep those memories in her brain instead of on her stupid hat.
 Cousins. Opposite in almost every way, yet they love each other like brothers. 
 Once again, I present to you the hat (and the carbs and the sugar):
For the first time in my life, I managed to not wash my hair for an entire week. Camp will change you in ways you never would have expected. Sometimes Jesus becomes more real to you than ever before. And sometimes you realize you can get by with not grooming yourself for an entire week. Either way, you are never the same.

Monday, May 23, 2016

This is the end of the innocence.

Mia rocked her last week of elementary school. She won another art show, got outstanding 5th grade band student, was the hit of the invention fair, and found out she gets to play Dorothy this summer in the Wizard of Oz. Not a bad way to go out. 

Unfortunately for her, she has middle school to look forward to. She doesn't yet know that middle school is the living worst. Fortunately, she doesn't have to change schools. Unfortunately, middle school will always be middle school.

For the most part, she's still a sweet little elementary kid. However, after two days of being home with me for summer break she declared it a "total fail" so she's starting to get there. 

For now, I will savor these sweet pictures of the end of life as we know it:
 Leave it to Mia to figure out how to never have to taste a vegetable again. Carbs are more her speed. (She once asked for fettuccini alfredo with a side of mashed potatoes for her birthday dinner.)
 Her sweet friend, Ava.
 She got to perform in a little Wizard preview last weekend. It was perfection.

In middle school I was exactly the same height I am today (so, basically, a 12-year-old behemoth) and was convinced that Kurt Cobain was the only person that understood me. Anything is better than that.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

This kid is actually saving me money

It's kind of awesome when your kid can create gifts for people so you don't have to buy them. I plan to use her artistic abilities for my own personal gain for a very long time. 

Mia created these quirky little sketches for my nephew's nursery:
 I do not understand how she thinks of this stuff. 
And she didn't copy any of it - she just created it out of the clear blue. 

And I love that these have a little bit of humor in them. Look at that one eyebrow up:
 Weston's all, "I guess they'll do." 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Marathons and children will be the death of me.

Being a runner is a lot like being a parent: It takes up all of your time, you sometimes hate it but you would never admit that to anyone, and once you get yourself into it there is really no way out. In both cases you are filthy and smelly all the time and there is no point in wearing makeup. And every mother knows that the bonus is that you get to live in active wear!

Much like raising kids, some days are good and some days are bad. And there is no great way to predict which kind of day it's going to be. Running, like parenting, morphs you into a person that your friends kind of appreciate, but mostly just don't understand. Basically, you're a freak.  

And here is proof that some races are better than others:

Check out last year's race photo...:
 ...compared with this years:
This is the face of a person who has wished death on herself.

And, sort of like childbirth, it's not too long before you forget about the pain and are ready to do it all over again. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What I do on prednisone.

I certainly don't sleep. 

Last night I found this little nugget about 1 AM and cried.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The most adorable, sexist play I've ever seen

 Bode was in the 2nd grade musical this week. He and his bros were roosters.
Their only job was to heckle the "cute chicks." 
 Bode saw these pictures and said, "Hey, there are supposed to be four chicks hanging on me. Someone wasn't doing their job." 
With that attitude there should be NO chicks hanging on that little chauvinistic rooster (perhaps he should have been a pig ;).
But all joking (sort of) aside, I sincerely loved seeing these little jocks in their barnyard costumes. It reminds me that they are still innocent little boys.
 Bode is so blessed to be surrounded with this group of snaggle-toothed kids. They still think girls are weird and terrifying, they smell like wet puppy dogs and their parents aren't jerks. What more could a parent ask for?

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What's happened the last 26 days:

 I'm sure you've all been wondering (Mom).

Well, first off chocolate. 
Chocolate is always happening at our house, but thankfully Easter gave my Dad the perfect excuse to give my children this monstrosity. 
And I'm not even going to pretend to be upset about it. 
Have you ever put part of a chocolate bunny ear in your coffee? Well, you should.
Then there was LTC. The Leadership Training for Christ convention is something only the most devout church of Christ kid can understand. It's strangely awesome.
These kids studied the books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth for months. I know Mia learned a lot based on the questions she would ask me ("Mom, what's a virgin?" "What's a rape?" "How many people do you think Samson murdered with his bare hands?"). 
Thanks, Old Testament.

 Gena and I were up to no good the entire weekend...
Sneaking food into conference rooms, 
 skipping our kids' events to stuff our faces, 

 drinking coffee well past our bedtimes.
We were terrible examples to the Christian leaders of tomorrow. 
"Watch what we do, kids, and go forth and do the exact opposite".
It's a miracle this kid has turned out as sweet as she has. 
Bode wasn't invited to LTC this year per the request of four different security guards at the hotel. Let's just say last year Bode and the security team at the Dallas Anatole had several bonding moments.